2021 Code Ninjas Summer Camp

In Person Camp Schedule

Full Day Camp $259/Week  ---- Half Day Camp $199/Week

Code Ninjas in-person camps are great for beginners and experienced kids ages 5-14.

Camps have a mix of on-screen and off-screen learning and fun!

Our in-person summer camps are weeklong, from Monday – Friday.  Choose morning or afternoon half-day options.

Book the full day AM camp and get both  AM and PM Camps.

Half-Day students should bring nut-free snacks. Full-day students must also bring a lunch.

See Descriptions Below for Full Code Ninjas Camp names

Virtual Camp Schedule


Code Ninjas virtual camps provide a fun learning experience for kids at home this summer! Camps are conducted live by Code Senseis (instructors) using the Zoom video conferencing platform. Campers will have the ability to talk with Code Senseis and fellow campers, be seen on camera, share their screen and ask questions as needed throughout the camp!


Laptop or desktop computer with built-in or external microphone and speakers. Webcam is preferred but not required. Stable internet connection. Google Chrome browser is preferred. 

**Minecraft camps will require a license.


We understand that life happens! Transfers between camps can be done with at least 72 hours notification, at no charge, pending camp availability. Each camp includes a $50 non-refundable registration fee. Cancellations within 7 days of camp are non-refundable.

Select your location below to enroll!

Call or text 913-444-9448 with any questions

Lee's Summit




Camp Descriptions

AGES 7-14


In Storytelling and Moviemaking in Minecraft®, campers will gain an understanding of the digital modeling processes and storytelling as they build scenes in Minecraft® and produce stories in their digital world. Introduce students to video recording, editing and audio as they produce their final stories as short movies.


In Designing Modifications with Minecraft®, campers will learn how to manipulate and master Minecraft® by making their own mods . Using basic block-based coding, Ninjas will learn procedures, conditionals, and variables. They will create 2D and 3D textures for use in their Minecraft® world, along with their very own custom content, including weapons, armor and even enemies!


During the Stop Motion Animation camp, Ninjas will experiment with video production through a variety of mediums including Claymation, LEGO® Minifigures, pipe cleaner creatures and much more! They will capture images frame-by-frame and produce videos in a rapid prototyping style. Campers will work independently on their videos as well as collaborate in teams during the entire design process.  


Code Your Own Arcade from Scratch allows Ninjas to explore different programming concepts as they create various games. Each game focuses on a different type of  programming concept and provides campers withtools to use in their own games. They’ll have a blast every step of the way. At the end of the week they will show off the games they created!


Storytelling with Scratch, campers will learn how to express themselves and let their creativity shine through code! Campers will work together to have fun crafting silly, scary and themed stories in Scratch, a kid-friendly, visual programming language. Each team's imaginative stories will then be shared to everyone as a group. Through this experience, campers will level-up their knowledge of basic coding concepts as well as their storytelling abilities.


Join our ECMC Camp to explore all Code Ninjas has to offer. Each week different topics will be introduced including Python, Stop Motion Animation, 3d design and printing, Microbit, Roblox, Minecraft, drones and Robotics.   

In addition, your camper will have access to our world class curriculum and earn Code Ninjas Belts throughout the summer.  Join this space limited camp for 1 week or all summer long! Half or Full Day. LENEXA and LEAWOOD only.


Code Ninjas camps just for girls!   These camps will encourage girls to use their creativity and allow them to participate in new skills promoting problem-solving and critical thinking. Girls will have a blast as they learn to code, gain confidence, and make new friends!  No experience necessary.

Storytelling with Scratch - June 14-18 (Ages 6-12)

Roblox Developer - July 26-30 (Ages 8-14)



AGES 7-14


In Potential UNLOCKED: Become a Roblox Developer, campers learn the basics of game building and creative development in Roblox. Campers will use Roblox to create much more than just a game! Open to all levels of experience, this camp will teach ninjas how to plan, design and build their own 3D world.


During Hackers Wanted: Uncover the Code in Roblox, campers learn fundamentals of coding and dig into the game making side of Roblox to move from being a player to becoming a developer. Using the Lua programming language, Ninjas will create their own timed, sudden-death Roblox game along with an interactive obstacle course game. At the end of camp, Ninjas will showcase their game, play their peers' games and then publish their games.


At A Bit of Micro:Bit Magic, campers will learn to plan, tinker and get physical with the BBC Micro:Bit microcontroller. Campers can expect to explore programming in an exciting new programming language released specifically for the new version of the Micro:Bit called Microblocks. The new Micro:Bit will allow students to build a variety of exciting and challenging projects and learn how to test sound and music!   


Campers will learn the basics of YouTube and design a custom video thumbnail for their own personalized YouTube video tutorial. The Become a YouTuber! camp advances existing Scratch, Roblox or MakeCode skills as campers create a more complex game that requires additional loops, inputs and movements. Campers will then complete the final step to become a vlogger by uploading a video tutorial for their Scratch game.

AGES 5-7


Code Your Own Arcade from ScratchJr, JR Ninjas will build a foundation of basic coding concepts by creating various ScratchJr games - such as Space Jam, Secret Agent and Maze Olympics. By remixing these games as their own, Ninjas will learn game design concepts, including how to make their own backgrounds and characters, create and hide objects and code arrow keys!  


At Mini Makers with Microcontrollers camp, campers will explore the magical world of physical computing with a tiny microcontroller called the BBC Micro:Bit. Campers will connect the Micro:Bit to household items such as play dough, cardboard, LED lights and aluminum foil to make code come to life in the physical world. With the assistance of Code Senseis, campers will code in Scratch, learn basic circuitry as well as the fundamentals of programming the built-in sensors of the microcontroller.